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If you like to learn by email, this is the menu for you. We and our partner, Ballotpedia, are ready to provide you a variety of topics you can explore, each in a short series of emails. Click on the links below to subscribe to the topic of your choice:

America: Republic or Democracy?

When discussing our system of government, many people use the words “democracy,” “republic,” “republican,” and “liberal” in confusing ways. Clarity of definitions is essential for understanding the U.S. form of government. We will help you sort things out.
(3 emails, one per day.)

Fear and Fear-Mongering

In this short series of three emails, we review the consequences of fear, the hallmarks of fear-mongering, and some techniques you can use to manage fear. 
(2 emails, 1 per day)

Federalism: Why & How

In this 8-day email series, we explore federalism. What is it? Why and how did the framers invent a federal system? How and why has it changed over time? What are some pros and cons of American federalism?

The Presidency and the Constitution

In this Learning Journey, we & Ballotpedia take you through which of the president’s powers are explicitly guaranteed by the Constitution and help you learn about why the founders created the executive branch the way that they did.
(4 emails, one per day)

Evolution of the Presidency

The role of the president in American politics has evolved and changed over America’s history. In this Learning Journey, we & Ballotpedia will guide you through how presidential elections have changed over time as well as which laws, court cases, and legal theories have influenced the development of the presidency.
(6 emails, one per day)

America: Republic or Democracy?

In this short Learning Journey, we & Ballotpedia will review key concepts and why they matter, particularly distinctions between direct and representative democracy, and between liberal and illiberal republics.
(4 emails, one per day.)