New! Do You Like Learning By Email?

We help American adults understand and explain the value of our system of government and how, together, we can protect and improve the foundations of trust in our republic.

To do that, we provide materials for civic education. Experts on the right and the left have reviewed all our materials.

How Does Learning by Email Work?

  1. Choose from one of our topics.
  2. You will be taken to a sign-up page when you click on a topic link.
  3. We’ll send you one email each day until the series ends. And then we stop.
  4. There is a super-short survey at the end of each email series. Your answers can help us improve – we want to do a good job.

Here is what is available now:

America: Republic or Democracy? (3 emails, 1 per day)

Fear and Fear-Mongering (2 emails, 1 per day)

Federalism: Why & How (8 emails, 1 per day)

In partnership with Ballotpedia:

The Presidency & The Constitution
(4 emails, 1 per day)

Evolution of the Presidency (6 emails, 1 per day)

Liberal, Republican Democracy and Its Value (4 emails, 1 per day)

And more to come!

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