The Value of Voting

Does voting make any difference? Is it worth the trouble? The answer depends upon you. If you and enough other people vote for someone who has pledged to represent your interests and to work with your opposition to solve problems, then, yes, absolutely your vote will make a difference. Politicians are highly tuned to what …

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Keeping Our Republic

In general, constitutions are written by people who expect to live and work together for generations to come.  It’s when enough people no longer feel this way that Constitutions are weakened or destroyed.  One of the reasons they might feel that way is because they have become divided and no longer trust each other.    …

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A Tale of Two Countries

Clashes in Berkeley and Portland bring to mind an interesting story about two countries where people who felt frustrated with each other and their governments. Citizens in Columbia and Venezuela (both republics) were fed up with the inability of their governments to solve their problems. In both cases, they were willing to try the leadership …

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Freedom of the Press

Thomas Jefferson said “Where the press is free and every man able to read, all is safe.” A free press is especially important in the coronavirus pandemic.

In Need of Vigilant Defense

Liberal, republican democracy is precious for the freedom, peace, and better quality of life it can bring, but those benefits don’t come for free. Citizens need to do more to protect and strengthen their democracies – starting here at home.

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