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In Need of Vigilant Defense

Liberal, republican democracy is precious for the freedom, peace, and better quality of life it can bring, but those benefits don’t come for free. Citizens need to do more to protect and strengthen their democracies – starting here at home.

Free to Criticize

Decades ago, when this blogger was a boy, it used to be popular to say “I don’t agree with that, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” The phrase seemed morbidly fascinating.  I understand it better now, having been many places where free speech is only for those with power, …

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Hate-Bait: Anthem Kneeling Controversy

Hate-bait is meant to divide us. It appeals to our emotion and prejudices. It over-rides practical thinking as well as our nobler aspirations.  Hate-Bait distracts us from the fundamental importance of the civil liberties our ancestors built into the constitution over time, including the right to speak and debate freely about uncomfortable things.  Our ancestors …

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Our Republic needs you.

We provide materials for adult civic education, ages 18 and up.We have two goals: (1) help Americans understand why democracy is precious; and (2) help them understand, protect, and improve the foundations of trust in our republic. Our courses are a great way to build your knowledge. We focus on how the framer’s distrust led …

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