The Presidency – Quiz 3

Free course on the presidency. One paragraph per day. Which statements about American political parties are true? They have to be pre-approved by the government. They help candidates mobilize and organize people.  They help voters by showing how their candidates and policies are different and superior.  They can help sitting presidents build support for their …

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The Presidency 40

Extracted from our course Trust and the Presidency. 2.14 Money is power.  A president’s political assets can sometimes extend beyond leadership to include money.  Under today’s campaign laws, presidential candidates with sufficient excess campaign committee funds can influence federal and state elections. They can do so by directing some of their campaign committee funds to …

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The Presidency 2

4.          The framers had good reason to fear the tyranny of factions.  The period when the thirteen original American colonies were formed overlapped with one of the most violent and deadly times in English and European history.  Memories of the Thirty Year’s War (1618-1648) which involved most of the European states of the time, the …

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Connecting the Dots

Pundits haven’t yet fully connected the dots in front of them. Yes, presidential use of national emergency powers to spend money on things that Congress chose not to authorize is against the Article 1 of Constitution. Here is the other dot: the choice of president became more consequential as the Office of the President became more powerful. This trend explains why election campaigns have been fought ever more viciously – by politicians and citizens alike.

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