Federalism: Why & How

What is federalism? Why and how did the framers invent a federal system? How and why has American federalism changed over time? What are some pros and cons of American federalism?


Part 1: What is Federalism

A short introduction to federalism and its alternatives. (5 minutes)

Part 2: Why & How Did the Framers Invent Federalism?

They faced a lot of distrust. How did they design the Constitution to deal with that distrust? (14 minutes)

Part 3: How & Why Has Federalism Changed?

Much has changed since the framer's time. American federalism is now a mix of dualism, cooperation, and coercion. What were the major changes and what drove them? (14 minutes)

Part 4: Some Pros & Cons of Federalism

Federalism offers many advantages but it is not a guarantee of political freedom, fairness, or a good quality of life. Much depends upon the quality of people we elect to our state and federal offices.
(17 minutes)

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