Our Mission

America’s republican democracy and its liberal promises of freedom and equality are at risk:

  • Too many American adults neither understand nor trust how our system of government works.
  • Instead of insisting on a free and fair competition of ideas, too many look the other way when their politicians bend or break the rules to win.

We help Americans understand and explain why democracy is precious and how, together, we can protect and improve the foundations of trust in our republic.

We provide materials for civic education, ages 18 and up.

  • RELEVANT: Today’s issues of trust and distrust in government and in political factions had strong parallels during the framers’ time. We show how the framers used the Constitution to manage their political distrust, how the system changed over time and why, and how those changes might affect our trust today.
  • NON-PARTISAN: We advocate only for free and fair political competition with winners accountable to voters. We do not advocate for political candidates or parties.
  • PRACTICAL: “What and when” are transformed from trivia to practical working knowledge with the addition of “why and how.”
  • COMPETENT: Our team includes professionals who have participated in government or promoted democracy around the world. Our reviewers include civics experts, professors of U.S. history, constitutional law, political science and other applicable fields.