Our Mission

Too many Americans come out our schools loyal to a party or politician but lacking trust in our republic. It should be the other way around: loyal to our liberal, republican democracy while demanding accountability of our politicians.
Too many want to get their way without seeing the value of an inclusive competition of ideas leading to collaboration, and compromise.
Too few understand their rights and obligations, and too few understand how our government works.

We work to educate and change minds by providing materials for civic education, ages 18 and up.

We have two goals: (1) help Americans understand why democracy is precious; and (2) help them understand, protect, and improve the foundations of trust in our republic.

Our courses are a great way to build knowledge.

We focus on how the framer’s distrust led to our system of government, and how changes since their time shape our own trust and distrust of government and each other. Along the way, you can form your own opinions about what has changed for the better, what needs improving, and how.