Patria y Vida: Homeland and Life

While many Americans are losing trust in our Republic, we remind you that there are others in the world who consider us very lucky.

One of the prize-winning songs in the Latin Grammy Awards on Thursday was Patria y Vida, a protest song against the Cuban dictatorship. You can listen to the video with sub-titles here.  You can find out more about who wrote it and what it stands for here.

The song arose out of recent protests in Cuba over the basic lack of freedom compounded by poor handling of the COVID crisis. As you might imagine, it is very hard to tell a dictatorship they are making mistakes and there are better ways to do things.

Political competition is a good thing.

Americans should welcome more of it – much of the world suffers from the lack of it.

Check out our free short courses here to read more about how our system of government was set up with political competition in mind, and how it has changed over time.

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Image: People shout slogans against the government during a protest in Havana, Cuba on July 11, 2021. Photo by Alexandre Meneghini/Reuters

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