Political Trust & Distrust 23

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Most of us are more distrustful than we need to be.  For example, in one famous study, “lost” wallets were returned three times more often than expected.[i]  In addition, it seems that our political opposites are actually much more trusting of us than we expect them to be.[ii] There is also evidence that our political opposites are actually less “opposite” than we expect.[iii]

[i] Helliwell, Huang, and Wang (2018), p. 410.

[ii] Moore-Berg, et al. (2020). Exaggerated meta-perceptions predict inter-group hostility between American political partisans.

[iii] Yudkin, et al. (2109). The Perceptions Gap: How False Impressions are Tearing Americans Apart.

Image: Lost wallet returned. Melissa Vang.

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