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Many governments use constitutional rights and laws to facilitate economic activities while minimizing harmful outcomes such as slavery, violent assault, cheating on commercial contracts, and pollution.  In some countries, people are told what they must grow or produce (Myanmar[1]), they may be prohibited from owning property (former communist countries), or the government may favor some business owners with subsidies while heavily taxing others.

  • Click here to too country rankings for ease of doing business by the World Bank Group.

Excerpted from What Should Governments Do for Us?

[1] See USAID (2017). Freedom to Farm: Agricultural Land Use, Crop Selection, Fallowing, and Proposed Changes to the Myanmar Farmland Law Necessary to Strengthen Land Tenure Security. https://www.land-links.org/research-publication/world-bank-2017-paper-freedom-farm-agricultural-land-use-crop-selection-fallowing-proposed-changes-myanmar-farmland-law-necessary-strengthen-land-tenure-security/

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