Constitution Day 2021

National Constitution Day 2021

The U.S. Constitution is famous for its checks and balances against the abuse of government power.  These checks and balances are essential to the continuity of our Republic. No candidate or political party would consider peacefully competing for office if they knew losing would leave them vulnerable to tyranny from the winner – and no winner would fail to use that tyranny to keep power. As long as our Constitutional checks and balances are operating well, then Americans could enjoy the benefits of regularly scheduled competitions between leaders and their problem-solving ideas.

But what about you, dear reader?  Could the spirit of the Constitution be extended to your own behavior as well?  We are pretty certain that you have seen people around you who willfully trample on the Constitutional freedoms of others.  How did you react? Did you ignore it, join in, or resist it?

When you discover your friends, neighbors, or colleagues talking about organizing to abuse someone else’s freedoms, does it matter less if they are just “virtue-signaling?”  Actually, that’s a great time to speak up in favor of American Freedoms for All Americans. Regardless of what side they are on.  Sometimes too much unchallenged virtue-signaling gets turned into pressure for real action, at the expense of real Americans.

The Golden Rule really shines here: do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  If you want to keep your freedom, then help keep it for everyone (so that they will do the same for you).

Here’s a link to the full Constitution and it’s Amendments:

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