Political Trust & Distrust 16

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Fair play builds trust. It is easier to trust when our interests are respected, and when the rules of the game apply equally to all and are followed by all. People want fair laws, and no cheating or dirty tricks. The principle of fair play is relevant across the board: for elections, legislating, and adjudicating disputes.

  • The laws should apply to all people, and benefit all people, equally.  That’s what is meant by equal protection of the law in the 14th Amendment
  • Citizens will trust the elections system of their state when they are confident of a fair process administered by an objective, competent, non-partisan committee or Secretary of State. (Click here for an introduction to this issue.)
  • Similarly, people will trust the court system when they are confident of a fair process carried out by objective, competent, non-partisan judges. 
  • Everyone should also have equal access to public services, including policing, justice, social security, health care, safe drinking water, and public roads.

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  1. All of our elected officials should be transparent and truthful, upholding the laws of our constitution. If there is any question to their integrity and honesty, there should be proper council allowed to question them in a bipartisan judicial, setting. Also it should be held for the citizens to witness.

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