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Why not loyalty? Loyalty is an admired quality when applied to family, friends, our country.

To be loyal to our Constitution, however, we must resist calls for uncompromising loyalty to one person or one party.

Here is why:

  • In a republic such as ours, elected officials are meant to be accountable to us, the voters. Loyalty to a person or party requires the opposite, loyalty demands that we answer to one person or one party.
  • In a republic, leaders should compete to earn our votes. Loyalty works in the opposite direction; we are repeatedly asked to demonstrate our loyalty to our leader or party.
  • What if half of us disagree on a policy proposed by the leader that we are loyal to?  How can we discuss disagreements over facts and options without having a fight over who is loyal or disloyal?  How can we sort out those who are earnest in wanting good results from the sycophants who say anything to please the boss?

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